Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Landscape - Some Good Evergreen Trees for Kent County Landscapes I

The following are some recommended evergreen trees for Kent County landscapes. Each is adapted to our area and can be used for border, windbreak, and screen plantings as well as for specimen trees in the landscape.

There are many forms of American holly for landscape use from shrubs to large trees. Selections from the Rutgers breeding program have done well as landscape trees in Delaware. They are relatively slow growing but are quite stately when mature.

Oriental spruce is not used as much as other spruces but is worthy of consideration. Skylands is an interesting golden colored form.

Colorado spruces include the blue forms that can be quite dramatic when used properly in the landscape as a specimen plants. They make good border plants too. Fat Albert seen above is perfect for screen use because it has a wide shape that will fill in more quickly.

Norway spruce is a mainstay in northern delaware for a specimen tree, windbreaks, and border plantings. It does not do quite as well on droughty soils downstate but is still a good tree for Kent county.

Concolor fir will grow in Kent county and is a beautify evergreen tree. It is susceptible to some insect problems and should not be planted in high stress sites such as berm plantings. Reserve this tree for sites with good soils with proper drainage and provide water in drought periods. You may need to control mites and bagworms.

Information and images from multiple extension and university sources.

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