Sunday, January 13, 2008

Landscape - Shrub Pruning Calendar 3

This is the third in a series on when to prune landscape shrubs.

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Shrub Pruning Calendar Legend:

* = Best time to prune
x = Do not prune except to correct damage, hazards, or structural defects
- = Timing is not critical

Comments section notes
1) Flowers are produced on new (current season) wood
2) Flowers are produced on wood from past season, pruning while dormant will reduce flowers
3) Make pruning cuts well below diseased wood (fire blight) - disinfect shears between cuts
4) Remove old stems to ground yearly to renew
5) Midseason shear if a formal hedge is desired
6) Do not cut into old wood that has no leaves or needles
7) Spring/summer prune to remove azalia caterpillars and galls
8) Fall/early winter pruning can reduce winter hardiness
9) Snap candles (new growth) in half when needles are 1/2 to 2/3 their normal mature length

Information from "A Guide to Successful Pruning, Shrub Pruning Calendar", Authors: Bonnie Lee Appleton, Extension Nursery Specialist, Virginia Tech; Susan C. French, Research Specialist, Virginia Tech.

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