Monday, May 12, 2008

Nursery and Greenhouse - Weed Control Guides

The following is information on two good weed control guides for nurseries and outdoor production areas of greenhouse operations.

Nursery and greenhouse growers who need some resources for identification of weeds that impact their production will find these two publications helpful. "Weeds of Container Nurseries in the United States" by Joseph C. Neal, North Carolina State University and Jeffrey F. Derr, Virginia Tech. This link has a great list and photos of weeds that impact container nurseries:

Another useful publication is from Michigan State University, MSU publication E-2982 "An IPM Pocket Guide for Weed Identification in Nurseries and Landscapes" (available from the MSU Extension Bulletin Office at 517-353-6740) you should be able to identify most weeds that show up in the nursery container area. This guide is also available on-line at: Proper identification is the first step to controlling weeds in the nursery. Please contact your local UD Extension horticulture educator for the latest weed control recommendations.

Information adapted for Delaware from "Weed identification guides for field and container nurseries" by Thomas Dudek, District Extension Horticulture and Marketing Educator, Michigan State University Cooperative Extension, in the May 9, 2008 edition of the MSU Landscape Alert newsletter.

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