Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Landscape and Nursery - More on Glyphosate and Woody Plants

Glyphosate has become one of the major weed management tools in woody plant nurseries and landscapes. Research is starting to show woody plants are being damaged with repeated applications, especially with formulations containing surfactants that contact the bark. The following is more information on this subject.

In a past article, it was noted that gyphosate herbicides that contained surfactants increased bark splitting in woody plants. The following are some recommendations from Dr. Hannah Mathers at the Ohio State University.

"When glyphosate use is necessary, use a glyphosate product around woody plants that has no adjuvant load," said Mathers. "Products that have a full adjuvant load are the worst around ornamental plants because of the increased potential for uptake of the glyphosate by the surfactant into the bark."Fourteen registered glyphosate products contain no adjuvant load. They include: Backdraft, Campaign, Expert, Extreme, Fallowmaster, Fallow Star, FieldMaster, Glypro, Landmaster BW, Land Star, ReadyMaster ATZ, Rodeo, Roundup Custom and RU SoluGran."

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