Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Landscape - Plant Selection Basics

Fall landscape planting continues throughout the state. Most deciduous trees and shrubs can be fall planted through most of November as root growth will continue if the soil temperatures are above 45 F. Most evergreens are best planted in the spring because they produce only limited fall root growth. The following is a short article on choosing the proper woody plant for a site.

Woody plants are permanent additions to the landscape. Planning and forethought are critical to get it right. The mature size and sunlight requirements of a plant will help to determine if it is suitable in a certain area of the landscape. It must have enough room to grow or it will require too much pruning to keep it under control. Most plants either need a lot of sun or will grow best in the shade, ignoring this need will also lead to increased maintenance problems. Selecting the right plant for the planting spot will avoid many maintenance headaches.

Information from "In The Yard" newsletter by: Stuart K. Sutphin, Agent Virginia Cooperative Extension

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