Monday, January 19, 2009

Landscape - Plants with Interesting Winter Features V

The following is a continuation of the series on plants with interesting winter features. This post features Helleborus species.

Helleborus species

Helleborus is one of those great old fashion perennials that have been in gardens for years. Every Winter gardeners experience the impressive display Helleborus put on. There are many forms of Hellebore, most gardeners are familiar with the colored hybrid selections mainly from H. orientalis parentage. Helleborus niger types are the first to bloom, this is the classic 'Christmas Rose' starting in December and peaking in January. The other forms, nigercors, and ericsmithii types usually start in February and Bloom through March. Check nurseries now for flowering plants.

Helleborus species and hybrids. Photos from Wikimedia Commons.

Information reprinted from "The Perennial Blogger"

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