Friday, May 29, 2009

Landscape - Some Insects to Look For at this Time

The following are some insects to look for at this time in the landscape in Delaware.

Ambrosia beetles and symptoms have been noted. We are past the usual spray period for Granulate (Asian) ambrosia beetle but there is still time to control Brown ambrosia beetle. Go to for more information. Rose sawflies are active. Manually remove and destroy small infestations. Treat larger populations of larvae with hort oil. Euonymus scale crawlers are active. Control with hort oil, insecticidal soap, dinotefuran, or pyriproxyfen. Pine bark adelgids and spittle bugs are active. No treatment needed, unless infestation is incredibly high and the tree is small and recently planted.

Information from the "What's Hot" section of the Ornamentals Hotline from the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.

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