Thursday, July 9, 2009

Landscape and Nursery - Conserve Insecticide

The following is information on Conserve insecticide. This is one of the newer low risk insecticides for use in the landscape and nurseries.


Conserve SC, spinosad, is a very safe insecticide from Dow Agro Science that has been in the marketplace for several years. It is a low risk pesticide that is made through fermentation of naturally occurring fungi. It is very effective in controlling lepidopterous caterpillars, several sawfly species larvae, thrips and some leafminers. In turfgrass it can be used to control cutworms, armyworms and sodwebworms. It is labeled for use in the landscape, nursery and turfgrass areas. In nurseries it has a 4 hour REI.

This material is very gentle to beneficial organisms such as ladybird beetles, lacewings and other predators. This product has no detectable ill impact on birds or fish.

For caterpillar control such as bagworms, tent caterpillars and other leaf feeder it works well on young larvae and later instar larvae.

Information from Stanton Gill, Extension Specialist, Central Maryland Research and Education Center, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension

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