Saturday, August 8, 2009

Landscape - Current Pests

The following are some current pests active in Delaware landscapes.

Pine needle scale 2 crawlers are actively searching for places to settle and feed. They are active around 1622-2745 [2053 peak] GDD Base 50. Some treatment options include: horticultural oil, insecticidal soap, dinotefuran, acetamiprid, and pyriproxyfen.

White prunicola scale crawlers are also starting to become active this week.

Cicada killers are actively flying about defending territories, paralyzing cicadas, and scaring people. Treatments are seldom warranted because these nonsocial non-aggressive wasps seldom sting.

Catalpa caterpillars are feeding in New Castle County. Smaller (younger instars) can be controlled with B.t., but larger caterpillars may need spinosad, chlorantraniliprole, acephate, or synthetic pyrethroid.

Information from the current Ornamentals Hotline Newsletter from the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.

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