Sunday, September 20, 2009

Landscape - Controlling Fall Invading Insect Pests

The following is information on controlling the 2 common fall insect pests that invade houses: the multicolored Asian lady beetle and the Western conifer seed bug.

Both species (the multicolored Asian lady beetle and the Western conifer seed bug) commonly inhabit the south and west exposures of windows or near places where bright light and heat are present. They appear inside buildings on bright days when temperatures drop below freezing. To manage these fall invaders, exclude entry. Examine doors, windows, walls, soffits, etc. and repair gaps where these insects gain entry. (Note: this also has energy conservation benefits). Vacuuming or sweeping them from inside generally cuts down on almost all but the most extreme problems. Other tactics may include adjusting lighting and color in infested spaces with window treatments, paint colors, or exterior plants. MALB trap designs are available on the internet for extreme cases like laboratories, etc. that need advanced protection. Don't use pesticides against these fall invaders; it provides only short-term relief and does not address bigger structural management issues.

Information from Casey Sclar, IPM Coordinator, Longwood Gardens

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