Monday, November 23, 2009

Greenhouse - Latex Eruptions in Poinsettia

The following is information on latex eruptions on poinsettias.

Latex Eruptions

This disorder, once referred to as crud does not seem to be as prevalent as it was several years ago on varieties popular then, but occasional cases are reported. Latex, which erupts in the shoot apex when cyathia are forming, dries and seems to physically prevent the continued development of the flower parts. Malformed inflorescences reduce the quality and acceptability of the plants. Latex also can erupt from leaf surfaces, prompting a grower to consider mealybug damage, but damage to the shoot apex is much more serious. High relative humidity and generous amounts of water in the substrate seem to increase the chances for latex eruption, so avoidance of the disorder is geared to the control of these factors.

Information from the Poinsettia Problem Diagnostic Key on Physiological Disorders from North Carolina State University

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