Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Landscape - Trees Sensitive to Fall Planting

The following is a short article reminding landscapers of which tree species are sensitive to fall transplanting.

Fall Tree Transplanting is recommended for many tree species. Some trees, however, perform better when transplanted in the spring. These sensitive species include: birch, red maple, oak, dogwood, hornbeam, hawthorn, hemlock, golden-rain tree, tulip tree, plane tree/sycamore, popular, Prunus spp., willow, silver linden, and zelkova. If these species must be planted in the fall, be sure to allow for extra water at the time of planting and until the ground freezes in December/January.

From and article by Steven K. Rettke, Ornamental IPM Program Associate, Rutgers Cooperative Extension (NJ), in the November 2, 2006 edition of the Landscape, Nursery, and Turf Edition of the Plant and Pest Advisory.

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