Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Turf: Virginia-Maryland Turfgrass Variety recommendations 2007-2008

Although fall turfgrass seeding time has slipped away, the spring seeding period will come up quickly. The following are some recommended turfgrass varieties for mid-state and southern Delaware based on the Virginia, Maryland, and National Turfgrass Evaluation Program research.

Recommended Turf-Type Tall Fescue Varieties

2nd Millennium, Avenger, Biltmore, Bingo, Bravo, Cochise III, Constitution, Coyote II, Crossfire II, Davinci, Daytona, Endeavor, Falcon IV, Fidelity, Forte, Good-en, Grande, Greenkeeper WAF, Guardian 21, Houndog 5, Inferno, Justice, Kalahari, Magellan, Masterpiece, Matador, Matador GT, Onyx, Padre, Picasso, Penn 1901, Quest, Raptor, Rebel Exeda, Regiment II, Rembrandt, Rendition, Southern Choice II, SR 8250, Tarheel, Tarheel II, Tempest, Titanium, Turbo, Ultimate, Watchdog, and Wolfpack.

Promising Turf-Type Tall fescue Varieties

Blackwatch, Escalade, Grande II, Guardian 21, Hunter, Proceeds 5301, SR 8550, SR 8600

Recommended and Promising Fine Fescues – For general use in low maintenance areas or in partial to full shade.

Creeping red fescue – Recommended varieties: None. Promising: Cardinal, Epic, Fortitude, Garnet, Pathfinder, and Wendy Jean.

Chewings fescue – Recommended: Longfellow II. Promising: 7 Seas, Ambassador, Compass,
Culumbra II, Jamestown 5, SR 5130, and Zodiac.

Hard fescue – Recommended: Berkshire, Chariot, Discovery, Nordic(3), and Osprey(3). Promising: Firefly, Gotham, Oxford, Predator, Reliant IV, Spartan II, and SR 3000.

Sheep fescue – Recommended or promising: None at this time.

From the 2007-2008 Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendations Publication

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