Saturday, November 24, 2007

Greenhouse - Know the Difference Between Greenhouse Whitefly and Silverleaf Whitefly

Greenhouse growers should know the difference between greenhouse whitefly and silverleaf whitefly. The silverleaf (or sweet potato) whitefly is much harder to control. The following is information on how to identify the two species.

Greenhouse Whitefly: Usually bright white; wings loosely held against body, giving a much broader appearance; forewing with one distinct vein, bent slightly mesad at about middle of wing, and a short distinct ridge forming a fork with the vein.

Greenhouse Whitefly
Photo by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

Sweetpotato or silverleaf whitefly: Usually yellowish white; wings tightly held against body, giving a cylindrical appearance; forewing with one vein, bent slightly mesad at about 2/3 of wing, no distinct ridge or trace of fork.

Silverleaf Whitefly
Photo by Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Whitefly identification diagrams from the USDA/University of Florida website:

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