Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Turf and Landscape - Nitrogen and Phosphorus Winter Application Restrictions

Turf managers and landscapers are reminded that regulations in Delaware state that no nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers may be applied to impervious surfaces, frozen ground, or between December 7 and February 15. The following is the regulation from the Delaware Department of Agriculture and the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission.

6.0 Nutrient Handling Requirements
6.1 As required by 3 Del.C §2201 et.al, Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizers shall be applied according to a Nutrient Management plan.
6.2 For land areas not required to have a Nutrient Management plan, applications of Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizers by anyone holding a commercial nutrient handler or nutrient consultant certification, or anyone required to be certified at said level pursuant to 3 Del.C. §2242 and section 4.0 herein, are prohibited when one of the following conditions exist:
6.2.1 The surface area of application is impervious such as sidewalks, roads and other paved areas and the misdirected fertilizer is not removed on the same day of application;
6.2.2 The surface area is covered by snow or frozen; or
6.2.3 The date of application is between December 7 and February 15.

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