Friday, June 27, 2008

Education - New Horticulture Major for College Students at UD : Landscape Horticulture and Design

The University of Delaware is now offering a new horticultural major - Landscape Horticulture and Design. If you know of high school students with an interest in landscaping, encourage them to explore this as a potential major if they plan to attend or are considering attending the University of Delaware. The following is a brief description and links to the web site that describes the major.

Landscape Horticulture and Design is a new major in the University of Delaware's Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. It fuses the creative aspects of art and design with the technical and scientific aspects of horticulture. These two unique but equally rewarding fields encompass the analysis, planning, design, implementation and management of natural and built environments, as well as the value of plants in public settings. Technology plays an important role in landscape horticulture and design – allowing today’s professionals to use advanced tools to map out projects, perform detailed analyses, run businesses efficiently, broadly interpret plant collections and displays for the public and quickly revise and update designs and business plans.

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