Saturday, June 21, 2008

Landscape and Nursery - Plants that Japanese Beetles Prefer

Japanese beetle season is starting and landscapers and nurserymen should be on the watch for these insects that can cause defoliation very quickly. The following are plants that are the most susceptible to Japanese beetle:

Acer palmatum, Japanese maple
Acer platanoides, Norway maple
Aesculus hippocastanum, Horsechestnut
Althaea rosea, Hollyhock
Betula populifolia, Gray birch
Castanea dentata, American chestnut
Hibiscus syriacus - Rose-of-Sharon, Shrub Althea
Juglans nigra, Black walnut
Malus species, Flowering crabapple,
Platanus acerifolia, London planetree
Populus nigra italica, Lombardy poplar
Prunus species - Cherry, black cherry, plum, peach, etc.
Rosa species, Roses
Sassafras albidum, Sassafras
Sorbus americana, American mountain ash
Tilia americana, American linden
Ulmus americana, American elm
Ulmus procera, English elm
Vitis species, Grape

Information from "JAPANESE BEETLES IN THE URBAN LANDSCAPE" by M.F. Potter, D.A. Potter, and L.H. Townsend, University of Kentucky


Anonymous said...

What is a good spray program to use to prevent japanese bettle damage on retail nursery crops like roses and hibiscus?

Gordon Johnson said...

Pyrethroid products such as cyfluthrin (Tempo, Bayer Advanced
Lawn & Garden Multi-Insect Killer), bifenthrin (TalstarOne, Onyx), deltamethrin (Deltagard), lambda cyhalothrin (Scimitar, Spectracide Triazicide), esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gon Garden & Landscape Insect Killer) and permethrin (Spectracide Bug Stop Multi-Purpose Insect Control Concentrate and other brands)will give 2-3 weeks of protection for Japanese Beetle.