Friday, September 12, 2008

Greenhouse and Nursery - Renewable Energy Website

The following is information on a website created for renewable energy topics applicable to greenhouses and nurseries from the University of Massachusetts.

The UMass Extension Vegetable and Floriculture Programs are excited to present the addition of “Renewable Energy for Farms and Greenhouses” to their websites. The pages are designed to provide a practical and reliable resource base for farmers and growers on using renewable energy including solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal technologies. With high fuel prices, decreasing consumption of fossil fuels is an important step you can take to ease your wallet and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The site is arranged to be a guide for the process of adding green energy; it provides resources on the different types of energy, tax incentives, finding a contractor, and energy efficiency. There is also a page that lists Massachusetts farms and greenhouses that are using green energy. Visit the website by going to or and clicking on the “Renewable Energy” link.

Gordon Johnson, Extension Horticulture Agent, UD, Kent County

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