Monday, September 29, 2008

Greenhouse - Poinsettia Problems II: Leaf Curl and Dessication

This is the second in a series on poinsettia problems taken from a posting from the Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory.

Leaf Curl and Desiccation

Symptoms of leaf curl, scorch or desiccation typically occur on leaves in the middle portion of the plants. As your poinsettia crop is actively growing when greenhouse temperatures and light levels are high, it is essential that you provide adequate irrigation to avoid extreme conditions (excessively dry or wet) that can result in leaf desiccation, poor growth, and disease susceptibility. Excessively dry plants should not be irrigated with cold water as uptake and transport by the roots can be inhibited for a short interval. Under extended drought stress, lower leaves will turn yellow and senesce.

Information and photo from Poinsettia Production Problems and Disorders by Roberto G. Lopez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Floriculture Extension Specialist, Purdue University in the September 15 edition of the Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory Picture of the Week.

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