Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greenhouse and Nursery - Good Publication on Heating With Biomass Fuel

There is increasing interest in alternative fuels for heating greenhouses and nursery propagation areas. The following is a link to a great new publication on the topic of heating with biomass fuel from Michigan State University.

New MSU Extension publication: Heating buildings and business operations with biomass fuel

This new MSU Extension publication written by Dr. C.H. Schilling at Saginaw Valley State University and Mark Seamon, Thomas Dudek and Stephen Harsh from Michigan State University, is a detailed 24-page publication written by experts in the field of biomass fuels as alternative heat sources. The publication outlines the pros and cons of biomass heating systems, economics involved, and the environmental and regulatory issues related to the use of biomass burners in Michigan.To obtain a copy of this publication either download the pdf at:

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