Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Turf - Tall Fescue Varieties Recommended

The following are the turf type tall fescue varieties recommended from the MD/VA Turfgrass Variety Recommendation Work Group.

Tall Fescue

Category I – Recommended Tall Fescue Varieties (90–100% on a weight basis)

2nd Millennium, Avenger, , Biltmore, Bingo, Bravo, Cochise III, Constitution, Coyote II, Crossfire II, Davinci, Daytona, Endeavor, Falcon IV, Fidelity, Forte, Good-En, Grande, Greenkeeper WAF, Guardian 21, Houndog 5, Inferno, Justice, Kalahari(3), Magellan, Masterpiece, Matador, Matador GT, Onyx, Padre, Picasso, Penn 1901, Quest(3), Raptor, Rebel Exeda, Regiment II, Rembrandt, Rendition(3), Southern Choice II, SR 8250, Tarheel, Tarheel II, Tempest, Titanium, Turbo(3), Ultimate, Watchdog, and Wolfpack.

Category II – Promising tall fescue varieties (may be 90–100% of the mixture on a weight basis)

Blackwatch, Escalade, Grande II, Guardian 21, Hunter, SR 8550, SR 8600, Taos, Tombstone

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