Saturday, April 11, 2009

Landscape - Scale Insects: Pine Needle Scale

This is the ninth in a series on scale insects in the landscape. This post is on the Pine Needle Scale. Information is from the University of Maryland.

Pine Needle Scale (Chionaspis pinifoliae (Fitch)), Family Diaspididae

Plants Damaged: Pine is the main host, but it has been observed on Abies (Spruce), Pseudotsuga, and Tsuga (hemlock).

Damage Symptoms: Yellowing of foliage and dieback of branches. This scale often exists in low levels on white pines but rarely reaches damaging levels.

Life Cycle: This scale overwinters as females and eggs. Crawlers are present in May. The secondgeneration occurs in mid summer with crawlers present from July through August.

Monitoring: When Sargent crabapple is in full bloom we can expect to see crawlers on pine needle scale. The reddish nymphs hatch in May and there is a second generation in July.

Control: Horticultural oil or Distance at crawler emergence. Dinotefuran (Safari) is reported to control this scale.

Information from "Scales Commonly Encountered in Maryland Landscapes and Nurseries" by Stanton Gill, Extension Specialist in IPM for Nurseries and Greenhouses,and Suzanne Klick and Shannon Wadkins, Technicians, Central Maryland Research and Education Center University of Maryland Cooperative Extension.

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