Saturday, April 4, 2009

Turf and Landscape - Know Your Soluble Fertilizers 4

This is the fourth in a series on soluble fertilizers for use in turf and landscapes. This post is on triple superphosphate, a phosphorus fertilizer.

Concentrated Superphosphate also known as triple superphosphate, is gray granular material containing 46% water and citric acid soluble phosphate (P2O5 ) of which the water-soluble portion is generally around 85%. This material has very good physical properties and is often used as a conditioner in complete mix fertilizers. The salt index is very low (0.21) and there is no overall effect on soil reaction. Concentrated superphosphate granules are large and are not typically used in golf green fertilizers, but may be found in lawn and fairway grade fertilizers. In most tests with fertilizer P sources, no turfgrass response differences have been observed between sources.

Reprinted from "Selected Fertilizers Used in Turfgrass Fertilization" by J.B. Sartain & J.K. Kruse, University of Florida Cooperative Extension.

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