Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Landscape - Pinewood or Pine Wilt Nematode

Pinewood or pine wilt nematode is a problem with the black pine group and causes premature death of these trees. The following is a short article on the subject.

Over the winter, I would expect to see some Japanese Black Pines, Pinus thunbergii, die from pine wilt caused by the pinewood or pine wilt nematode, Bursaphelencus xylophilus. This is another disease that is favored by drought stress. It is common to see infected trees in the coastal area of Sussex county. However, we also see the problem in Kent. Remove dead trees now to eliminate the nematodes that are transmitted to healthy trees in the spring by long-horned beetles. For more information on sampling follow this link: http://ag.udel.edu/extension/horticulture/pdf/pp/pp-15.pdf

Adapted from an article from Bob Mulrooney, Extension Plant Pathologist, UD

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