Monday, February 11, 2008

Landscape - Watch for Winter Damage

Years with winters such as this one can lead to more winter damage as plants are subjected to abnormally warm periods followed by brief cold snaps. The following is an article on this subject.

The winter has been pretty mild, but the fluctuating temperature can result in winter damage to broadleaved evergreens. There has been less of this damage this year because the ground has not been frozen for long periods of time but expect to see symptoms in scattered locations. A number of conifers, most notably spruce and Leyland cypress may show evidence of winter injury. With a large amount of plants suffering from the drought and heat of last summer, expect to see continued problems, especially in Sussex and parts of Kent where the soils are very sandy. This trend will continue due to the warm winter. Many plants do not acclimatize properly during warmer winters and subsequently suffer during the brief, but bitter cold periods. Trees damaged during the cold snaps will exhibit discoloration and dieback in spring and summer.

Adapted from an article by Bob Mulrooney, Extension Plant Pathologist, UD.

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