Monday, August 25, 2008

Full Drought in Kent and Sussex Counties

We are now in full drought in Kent and Sussex counties with little rain in sight. Weather patterns have not been conducive even for scattered thundershowers. The following are some August rainfall totals across Midstate Delaware.

Smyrna 0.05 inches
Dover 0.14 inches
Kitts Hummock 0.35 inches
Viola 0.84 inches
Sandtown 0.21 inches
Harrington 0.48 inches
Milford 0.23 inches
Ellendale 0.11 inches
Blackbird 1.03 inches
Townsend 0.22 inches
Bridgeville 0.01 inches

Trees and shrubs that are not being irrigated are dropping their leaves, non-irrigated turf is dormant.

Gordon Johnson, Extension Agent, UD, Kent County

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