Monday, August 4, 2008

Plants for Delaware Landscapes - Japanese Maple, Sedums, Hibiscus

This is a continuation of the series on plants for Delaware landscapes. The following are some pictures I took from my property.

Japanese maples come in many different leaf forms and colors. They are a smaller tree, often with multiple trunks, and fit into most any landscape. They are well adapted and relatively pest free although scales can be a problem at times. They sometimes get a leaf edging or browning in the spring due to the environment (cold windy weather).

There are many different Sedums from small creeping ground covers to large upright types. There are variegated types (yellow and white) as well as purple colored foliage forms. Leaves and stems are thick and succulent. Flowers can range from yellow to bright red and there are spring and fall flowering types. The larger fall flowering Sedums can be quite spectacular. These are great perennials for difficult sites, especially those that are droughty and hot. Pests are limited although aphids can be a problem at times.

There are many different perennial cold hardy Hibiscus varieties that can be planted in the garden as perennials. Hardy Hibiscus are great summer flowering perennials producing spectacular large flowers from white to deep red. Pests can be a problem at times, especially Japanese beetles and aphids and for best plant health and flower production they will require higher fertilization levels than other perennials.

Gordon Johnson, Extension Horticulture Agent, UD, Kent County

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