Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greenhouse - Thielaviopsis Root Rot

Black root rot (Thielaviopsis) is a common problem in greenhouses and nurseries. The following are some control recommendations.

Photo from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Thielaviopsis root rot, or black root rot, is common on fuchsia and snapdragon and can be found on many greenhouse and nursery plants. To manage Thielaviopsis, treat with fungicides such as thiophanate-methyl materials (e.g., Banrot, Cleary’s 3336, Fungo Flo, OHP 6672). Other options that help suppress symptoms include triflumizole (in Terraguard). Also, if possible keep the growing media pH low (~5.5 to 5.8) as a lower pH inhibits Thielaviopsis. To prevent future problems, thoroughly disinfest benches, floors and all areas where Thielaviopsis-infected crops were located, and avoid planting susceptible plants in these areas – pansy, petunia, calibrachoa and catharanthus are common hosts.

Control recommendations from the Northeast Floriculture IPM Notes from Rutgers University.

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