Sunday, March 23, 2008

Landscape and Nursery - Plants to Consider From the Upcoming UDBG Plant Sale

This is the first in a series of plants to consider for Delaware Landscapes featuring those plants that are being offered at the UDBG Spring Plant Sale.

Cupressus arizonica ‘Blue Ice’. Arizona Cypress. 20-30' Steely, ice-blue foliage with mahogany stems make this one of the most sought after of conifers. The narrow (1/3 as wide as tall) habit makes these plants great for grouping in larger landscape or ideal specimens in smaller settings.

Nyssa sylvatica ‘Hayman’s Red’. Red Rage™ Black Tupelo 30-50' Red Rage™ is an appropriate name as the intensity of the emotion is equal to the intensity of the fall color. Truly a vibrant scarlet unmatched by any other plant's fall foliage display.

Abeliophyllum distichum ‘Roseum’. White Forsythia 3-5'. The “white forsythia” with pale pink flowers! Flowering early in the spring, Abeliophyllum is not a forsythia, but a close relative with exceptionally fragrant flowers. Flowers outside in March to April; however, bring spring inside by cutting branches to force.

Cercis racemosa. Chain-flowered Redbud 15-25' Many references refer to this as the most attractive redbud. Flowers are borne on 2 to 4 in. long, dangling racemes, providing a spectacular spring display. The late J. C. Raulston described it as the “most beautiful redbud in existence,” while John Frett is “amazed and enamored with the novelty of the flowers.”

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