Saturday, March 22, 2008

Landscape - Forsythia is in Bloom, That Means Tent Caterpillars are Hatching

The following is a short article on tent caterpillar hatching from the University of Maryland

Forsythia blooming… Eastern Tent Caterpillar hatching

Newly hatched eastern tent caterpillars (ETC) eggs are being found hatching on cherry. Interestingly, the plants haven’t started to leave out yet. The tiny caterpillars seemed to be “hanging out” at the buds just waiting for food.

Monitoring: The beginning of bloom on forsythia is a plant phenological indicator that the overwintering eggs of ETC will start hatching.

Control: It is still a little early to apply control measures for two reasons. Most controls for caterpillars have to be ingested. Therefore, you should wait until the host plants (many Rosaceous plants) have leaved out. Second, not all caterpillars have hatched out yet.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Egg Masses. Photo by A. Steven Munson, USDA Forest Service,

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