Sunday, March 2, 2008

Landscape and Nursery - New Landscape Plants to Consider

The following are some new landscape plants to consider. Information is from Andrew Bunting, Scott Arboretum, Swarthmore College.

Davidia involucrata, Dove Tree. This is a striking tree with flowers that have large white bracts that look like silk handkerchiefs or doves in flight hence the name. Flowers cover the tree. The tree can reach 40' and is adapted to full sun. Bright yellow Autumn colour.

Daphne x transatlantica ‘Summer Ice’ This is a Daphne with Blush white blooms in spring, grey green foliage, and a creamy edge variegation. It will rebloom sporadically, especially in cooler periods.

Edgeworthia chrysantha ‘Red Dragon’. Paper Bush. This is a late winter blooming shrub with with orange-red flowers . It is well adapted to woodland gardens as well as mixed landscape plantings. Flowers provide interest in late winter when many other plants are dormant.

Rhus typhina Tiger Eyes ™. This is a golden-leaved, dwarf, slow-spreading staghorn sumac selection, a 2004 release from Bailey Nurseries. This sumac is a good foliage plant with deep-cut, lacy leaves. New growth is chartreuse then changes to bright yellow for the remainder of the growing season. Fall color is bright scarlet-orange. It has panicles of greenish-yellow flowers in summer, followed by red bunches of fruits persisting into the winter.

Information from Andrew Bunting, Scott Arboretum, Swarthmore College,

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