Friday, April 18, 2008

Landscape and Nursery - Crabapple Scab

Consider fungicide applications for control of crabapple scab on susceptible varities. The following is an article on the subject.

CRABAPPLES are pushing new growth now, some are approaching bloom, if very good control is needed on susceptible crabapples now is the time to begin fungicide applications for crabapple scab. Commercial applicators can apply Banner Maxx, Systhane, Daconil 2787, Cleary's 3336 (thiophanate-methyl), or any of the mancozeb fungicides beginning now at 7-14 day intervals depending on the label directions. Crabapple scab does not kill trees but can defoliate them prematurely if weather conditions favor infection throughout the season. The most effective chemical control is preventative fungicide applications before infection takes place during this time of year. Many landscape situations do not require heavy fungicide use and the use of resistant cultivars is always encouraged.

By Bob Mulrooney, Extension Plant Pathologist, UD

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