Monday, April 7, 2008

Nursery and Landscape - Plants to Consider for Delaware Landscapes Featured at the Upcoming UDBG Plant Sale

This is the 12th in a series of plants to consider for Delaware Landscapes featuring those plants that are being offered at the UDBG Spring Plant Sale.

Acer nipponicum. Nippon Maple 15-30. This rare maple has boldly textured foliage which turns yellow in the fall. The attractive flowers dangle in long racemes that provide a dramatic display in the spring. A striking plant with green stems.

Chionanthus retusus. Chinese Fringetree 15-25'. This small tree has cinnamon-brown bark and frilly white flowers borne in such abundance that in May the plants are shrouded in a snowy froth. Female plants produce ½-in.-long dark blue fruit considered delectable by birds.

Quercus falcata var. pagodifolia. Cherrybark Oak 70-100'. A moderately fast-growing variety of southern red oak which occurs as far north as the New Jersey Pine Barrens and southeastern Pennsylvania. Its common name refers to its bark, which is similar to that of wild cherry. An excellent timber tree with red fall color.

Magnolia × loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’. Loebner Magnolia 15-20'. A lovely shrub or small tree with fragrant, clear pink flowers appearing in April. Originating at Nymans Garden in West Sussex, England, famous for its collection of rare plants

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