Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nursery and Landscape - Plants to Consider for Delaware Landscapes Featured at the Upcoming UDBG Plant Sale

This is the eighth in a series of plants to consider for Delaware Landscapes featuring those plants that are being offered at the UDBG Spring Plant Sale.

Cercis chinensis ‘Shirobana’. Chinese Redbud 6-10'. A shrubby, compact plant with multiple stems, the Chinese redbud brightens the spring landscape with its abundant, pure white flowers heavily adorning the branches.

Quercus cerris. Turkey Oak 40-60'. Turkey oak is a striking haystack-shaped tree that shows great landscape adaptability. In the black oak group, this oak produces regular crops of acorns and is of great value to wildlife.

Calocedrus decurrens. California Incense Cedar 30-50'. This California native has an upright oval habit and maintains an outstanding green color in the winter. This is a fine substitute for arborvitae as it is a good grower and nearly immune to bag worms.

Aronia melanocarpa ‘Morton’. Iroquois Beauty™ Chokeberry 2-3'. The cultural adaptability is only the start of this plant's appeal: A compact plant which suckers to form masses; attractive white spring flowers; abundant black fruit loved by wildlife; glossy leaves turn a stunning red to burgundy in fall.

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