Saturday, December 13, 2008

Greenhouse - Energy Cost Reduction Website

Michigan State University has been one of the leaders in education and resarch on reducing energy needs in greenhouses. The following is information on their website specifically devoted to saving energy in greenhouses.

Greenhouse Energy Cost Reduction Strategies Website, Michigan State University

In an industry with declining profit margins, and with the surge in fuel prices, there is increasing need to grow greenhouse crops in an energy-efficient manner. The best approach is to attack this industry threat using a variety of strategies. In collaboration with horticulturists, agricultural economists, and agricultural engineers, we have developed this web site to provide summary information on production strategies and technologies that greenhouse growers can use to consume less energy and improve production efficiency.

The information on this website was compiled and organized by Matthew Blanchard (Ph.D. candidate) and Erik Runkle (associate professor), Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University. We are continually updating this website as new information becomes available.

The site contains links to information on reducing greenhouse energy use from around the country.

Link to the Michigan State University website on Greenhouse Energy Cost Reduction Strategies:

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