Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ornamental Short Courses - You Will be Receiving a Mailing Soon

Watch in the mail for information on our Ornamentals Short Course Series in 2009.

Holiday Greetings from Delaware Cooperative Extension!

The 2009 Delaware Cooperative Extension Ornamentals Short Course schedule will be mailed to you in the coming week. This year, our workshops begin in January and continue into the summer with two evening plant walks. We are offering workshops in each county that address a variety of horticultural subjects, and offer nutrient management and pesticide credits to help you maintain your certifications. This year’s schedule includes a shrub and evergreen series, an introductory greenhouse series, workshops to address sustainable landscaping, business survival, nutrient management for turf, integrated pest management, fertilizers and organic nutrient sources and more. Each workshop is reasonably priced to accommodate your needs and is offered throughout the week at various times of the day, depending on the course and also the season in which it is offered. Additionally, some workshops offer a light dinner. Registration will be accepted through the county offices; simply call your county office and add your name to the class list, and then pay at the door.

We continue to work with the Delaware Nursery and Landscape Association (DNLA) to offer annual expos and conferences to address important and timely subjects. The next conference is: Delaware Horticulture Industry Expo and Pesticide Conference, January 14 &15, Modern Maturity Center in Dover, Delaware

Delaware Cooperative Extension has many services to offer you throughout the year in New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties. You can drop off plant specimens, request assistance in identifying plants and their problems, pick up soil tests, informational pieces such as plant, insect, and disease fact sheets, our Plants for a Livable Delaware series, and registration forms for our Ornamentals Hotline publication (designed to fit our industry’s needs during the height of the season).

Finally, visit our website for additional up-to-date information http://ag.udel.edu/extension/horticulture/ . If you haven’t already, follow the link for Gordon Johnson’s commercial horticulture blog (http://www.kentcoopextension.blogspot.com/). This blog provides important and timely Extension information from the University of Delaware, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Helpful information, photographs, resources, and a list of current events for our region can be found here.

We look forward to working with you in the future. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.


Your horticultural Extension Agents in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties

Tracy Wooten, Sussex, (302) 856-7303 wootten@udel.edu
Gordon Johnson, Kent, (302) 730-4000 gcjohn@udel.edu
Carrie Murphy, New Castle (302) 831-2506 cjmurphy@udel.edu

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