Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nursery, Greenhouse and Landscape: Plastic Pots - Are They on the Way Out?

Plastic pots and containers are used extensively in the nursery and greenhouse industry. Landscape companies often accumulate large numbers of pots. The disposal of plastic pots has become a concern all over the US and alternatives are being sought. Pot recycling is mandated in some areas. The following is some information on this subject from a talk desciption by Marc Teffeau coming up at the ANLA Management Clinic in February.

Over the past two years sustainability has gained visibility as both a consumer, and increasingly, a regulatory issue. While we may be "the original green industry," it has not gone unnoticed that we produce a huge waste stream of plastic pots. We have seen a range of targeted efforts from local recycling programs to bioplastic alternatives and a call for standardization. There is not, however a silver bullet solution to this problem. Marc Teffeau, ANLA's Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs will discuss an integrated approach incorporating recycling, reuse and re-engineering, that is necessary to address this growing concern. Learn about efforts ranging from the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association to the EPA to recycle pots locally and nationally through collection and curb-side efforts. Marc will also address the current efforts to identify substitutes for petroleum based resins, including the HRI "chicken feather pot." He will also share insights gained from conversations with a former president of Dupont Plastics.

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