Monday, February 23, 2009

Greenhouse and Nursery - Alternatives for Plastic Pots 3

There are many alternatives to plastic pots being offered for the greenhouse and nursery trade. The following is the third in a series of posts on this subject (information from the University of Maryland).

Ball has a pot called the OP-47 which is thermoformed and looks like a lot like a standard thin plastic pot (green colored). This OP-47 pot is made from wheat and is rated for industrial composting. This pot is being tried out by a couple of Maryland operations in 2009. It will be interesting to see the public reaction to these compostable pots. Ball has printed compostable on the side of the rim of the pot so the public is aware this pot is different. The tray to hold the pots is yellow and is called PLA and is made from corn based plastic. These trays are industrial compostable.

Information from the February 20, 2009 edition of the Greenhouse TPM/IPM Bi-Weekly Report from the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Central Maryland Research and Education Center

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