Thursday, February 26, 2009

Greebouse and Nursery - Alternatives for Plastic Pots 5

The following is information from a Chinese company that produces biodegradable pots from bamboo fiber.

EnviroArc biodegradable pot's material is totally derived from natural sources which are biodegradable by nature. They were the first company in the world to perfect bamboo pulp for the use in the manufacturing of biodegradable pots. Because bamboo pulp is the main raw material it is 100% organic with no contaminants and they have an uninterrupted supply of raw material to allow high volume production. Bamboo grows naturally easily and quickly (without the need of fertilisers). The bamboo uses is sourced from their own bamboo farms ensuring that none of China's natural bamboo forests (that the panda's rely on for a food source) are destroyed.

With their technology, the materials used are easily moulded into a variety of shapes and forms, with a large range of textures, colors and shapes to choose from. As with all biodegradable products, their pot's organic biodegradable composite means that in nature it will naturally break down safely, relatively quickly and biologically.

If stored as stated, EnviroArc pots have a shelf life of 18-24 months and once disposed of into the earth will be fully biodegradable in under 6 months.

Example of one of their pots.

See their website at

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