Thursday, February 5, 2009

Landscape - New Publication on Tree and Shrub Troubleshooting

The following is information on a new NRAES publication on troubleshooting problems on woody broadleaf trees and shrubs.

Broadleaved Shrubs and Shade Trees
Problems, Picture Clues, and Management Options

Why didn’t my azaleas flower this year? … Why is my maple tree showing its fall colors in July? … What’s been chewing little round holes in the leaves of my roses? … What’s causing those unsightly brown spots on the flowers of my prized dogwood? The answers to these questions and more can be found in NRAES-183, Broadleaved Shrubs and Shade Trees: Problems, Picture Clues, and Management Options, a guide soon to be published by NRAES. The guide was written by Mary Kay Malinoski and David L. Clement, seasoned experts who have 20 years experience fielding such questions at the University of Maryland’s Home and Garden Information Center. The guide will be an invaluable resource for home and master gardeners, students, extension and college educators, landscape professionals, and horticultural consultants. It will also be a useful addition to garden-center bookshelves and landscape-oriented mail-order catalogs.

Brimming with over 400 photos, the guide clearly illustrates over 125 problems that affect broadleaved shrubs and shade trees. Because it is focused around picture clues, it will be useful to those who have little or no prior knowledge of landscape issues. Users simply observe the problem in the landscape and then follow the guide’s easy-to-use, photo-based problem key to zero in on the cause. Management strategies are suggested for most problems.

  • Descriptions of 30 abiotic problems, 30+ diseases, 55+ insect pests, 7 wildlife pests, and 4 miscellaneous organisms (like algae, moss, and mushrooms)
  • 430+ color photos
  • 200+ pages
  • Introductory chapter on diagnostics and nonchemical management strategies
  • Photo-based key to symptoms and possible causes
  • Compact, spiral-bound design with laminated cover
  • Glossary
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