Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Greenhouse and Nursery - Alternatives for Plastic Pots 4

There are many alternatives to plastic pots being offered for the greenhouse and nursery trade. The following is the third in a series of posts on this subject (information from the University of Maryland).

ITML has coir fiber plantable pots which are biodegradable and sustainable. The coir pots are not stiff by any measurement but they are reported to hold up in greenhouse growing conditions. The coir, a waste product from coconut production, is considered a sustainable product. Once it is planted roots will penetrate through the walls easily. There is also a pot made from potato flour by Dillon Company and this pot is considered biodegradable.

Coir Pot

Information from the February 20, 2009 edition of the Greenhouse TPM/IPM Bi-Weekly Report from the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Central Maryland Research and Education Center http://www.ipmnet.umd.edu/09Feb20G.pdf.

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