Sunday, February 1, 2009

Turf and Landscape - Equipment for Applying Compost

There is more and more interest in topdressing turf with compost and applying compost to other landscape areas. The following are pictures of different types of spreaders for topdressing and applying compost.

A brush type tractor pulled topdresser is very accurate for spreading compost or compost-sand mixtures.

A smaller ATV pulled topdresser with spinners can also be used but make sure you have a fine compost with 30-50 % moisture.

A spinner type topdresser pulled by a tractor can also be used for applying compost.

A blower truck for applying compost.

Applying compost using a blower system.

A self propelled walk behind spreader for applying compost.

Another style of self propelled walk behind compost topdresser.

A push type manual walk behind compost topdresser.

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